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About Us & Contact Us

About Us

Welcome to Bookgasms, a page dedicated to keeping you on the EDGE of romance. A place where we can all COME together and share our love of books and HAPPY ENDINGS. We’re just a group of women who love to read, who love love, and who want to SCREAM it to the world. Stick around for fluttering butterflies, endless flails, awkward fangirling, male (and female) appreciation and all that JIZZ… err, we mean jazz. Really, we do. If you need to get in touch with us (especially if you want to request a review or tell us how pretty we are), fill out the Contact Us form.
Please note: while we specialize in flailing, fangirling, and sharing our love of books, we do want to ensure that all of our posts are genuine. This means that we typically will only share what we’ve read or, at the very least, what we’d like to read. We strive to make our posts meaningful and so, while we welcome all requests, not all requests will be accommodated.
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