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Review: Claimed by the Vikens by Grace Goodwin

Review: Claimed by the Vikens by Grace Goodwin

Hot damn. Another fantastic addition to the Interstellar Brides series.

This is the first of the series where the bride has refused the match! Refused. The. Perfect. Match. OMG, Violet! Seriously?

And then when Calder, Zed, and Axon showed up at her door. You need to be Claimed by the Vikens, Violet. Good lord, I swooned just from the thought of all that heady testosterone. Violet was no match to three warriors who found their perfect mate. And she was perfect for each of them, and each of them was perfect for her. Now they just needed to get on the same page with their mating. That they weren’t paired up but now a foursome.

I loved the romance between Violet, Calder, Zed and Axon. How each man met her needs so differently, but so perfectly. I loved their interactions—both in and out of the bedroom. Loved how each man came to the realization that their match was exactly what they needed. That each of them would protect their mating and their mate with their life.

Sexy. Swoony. Smart. Fun. Fantastic. I can’t wait for more in this series! ~ Missy, 4.5 stars