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Review: One Baby Daddy by Meghan Quinn

Review: One Baby Daddy by Meghan Quinn

It’s Stanley Cup playoff time and reading One Baby Daddy was a perfect companion to watching hot men skate and score. Score a lot if you’re Hayden. *eye brow waggle*

Seriously though, Hayden has reached the top of my favorite book boyfriends by Meghan Quinn. I loved his approach toward Adalyn and their impending romance. Loved their slow burn. Loved how he built up that anticipation with every look and touch. Seriously swooning in my seat while I was reading.

And Adalyn is equally amazing. She’s strong willed, smart, sexy and can keep Hayden and the rest of the Brawlers and Hayden’s brothers in check. Okay, equally amazing until I wanted to reach inside my Kindle a couple times to choke her . . . err . . . try to talk some sense into her.

I loved how One Baby Daddy overlapped with the timeline of Three Blind Dates and Back in the Game. I loved Hayden and Adalyn as a couple. They are truly perfect for each other. And I couldn’t help but root for them to get their act together and communicate! I loved how Haden and Adalyn resolved their issues. And that ending. Damn it. Perfect. ~ Missy, 5 stars