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Review: Pick Six by Max Monroe

Review: Pick Six by Max Monroe

Good lord, y’all know how much I love my football romance, right? Like L-O-V-E it! Well, guess what? I absolutely loved Pick Six. Surprise, right? LOL

No, seriously, there’s not one damn thing I’d change. I love Sean and his crazy, alpha male tendencies. His typical “hit it and quit it” mentality when it comes to relationships—he’s been burned by love, so why would he seek it out? He’s perfectly happy living the life of a ridiculously successful football player, has amazing friends, and an equally amazing, loving, crazy family. He’s got it all, right?

Okay, Sean. *insert eye roll here* You’ve just met your match with Six Malone. She’s funny, smart, feisty, independent and straight up gorgeous. She’s a total catch—your perfect match, Sean. And she’s not playing with you. I freakin’ loved watching Six put you in your place, Sean. Loved it.

And Six. Damn woman, can I be your BFF. Sure, I’m old and could easily be your mom, but I feel twenty-five inside. I can try to keep up with you and your shenanigans. Really, I can. Because I want to be you when I grow up!

Pick Six is a perfect balance of snarky, crazy fun along with a whole lotta steam. And holy moly, the steamy parts are some sexy AF times. I loved Six and Sean together. They balanced each other out—loved each other warts and all. And the rest of the Mavericks were super fun too—I love this team and cannot wait until Trick Play releases in August! ~ Missy, 5 stars